Kickstart your Analog Photography!

Do you want to start shooting film like your hipster friend, but you have no idea where to put your hands? Don’t worry, I’m gonna give you some tips to start making edgy film pics!

Step 1: Find your camera.

  • You should looking for it in your parents’ (or grandparents) basement, between dusty furniture and spider webs you could find your new, old analog camera.

  • You can always have a look on Facebook Marketplace or E-Bay. Prices for a good condition camera with standard lens are relatively low compared to modern cameras.

  • Canon A/AE series or Minolta x300/x700 series, are a simple, popular and affordable choice for beginners .

Step 2: Film.

  • Keep with the classics: Kodak and Fujifilm for color and Ilford for B&W.

  • ISO (or ASA) 400 is the most versatile film speed, you can take perfectly exposed shots in the harsh of an high noon and in the most soft low-light sunset.

  • I love the Kodak Ultramax 400, it gives you stunning blue and orange tones.

Step 3: Shoot.

  • I recommend you before start shooting to learn the Camera Basics. Also you can see here how to load film on a SLR.

  • Take your time to focus the subject.

  • Double check your camera settings before push the shutter button.

  • Old exposure meter don’t always work as they should, take a second shot with a different shutter speed.

  • Film gives better results if overexposed rather than underexposed.

Hope you’ll find this starting guide useful. Do you have any tips for beginners? Let me know in the comments!